Abayomi Onasanya


Abayomi is basically the “big picture” guy who dreams up all the wonderful things you can expect at Student Accommod8. Scratch that! Let’s just say, he cooks up a fantasy and then gets everyone else to do it, whilst drinking caramel flavoured coffee and listening to Justin Bieber. The boss life though...

Toyosi Belgore


Toyosi is our COO, aka ‘Chief Organisation Organiser’. She is the Chief Operations Officer at Head Office but you could very well bump into her at any of our residences championing SA8. She loves people, good food, music, tv, and the list goes on. If you don’t remember any of these when you eventually bump into her, remember she loves people and food. That should do.

Anthony Izagbo


Anthony is a sports junkie (don’t ask us if he’s fit). He comes to work with unseen comic relief written on his shirt. It’s never a dull moment with him around. He’s also a big foodie, you come into work without a snack for him and heads will roll. He also doubles up as our Architect and Project Manager.

Jennifer Uzorchukwu


Jennifer A.K.A “nne” is the mamabear at SA8. She is a very down to earth and approachable lady who always has the best interest of the team at heart and oh, she always has a snack or two for everyone. Feel free to walk in hungry.

Lily Bakare

Marketing and Communication

Lily is the chilled and laid back Marketing/Communications Manager at Student Accommod8 who always has a smile on her face. When she isn’t looking for the newest restaurant or hangout spot in town to try, you will catch her indoors reading a crime novel or watching movies. You can make her your “yellow pages” if you’re new to town.

Beauty Asuquo


Beauty is beautiful, adorable and homely. She is always ready to mingle and meet new people.

Tunde Adekoya

Civil Engineer

Tunde passionately believes in excellent project delivery because that is what we sell… Beyond all the seriousness, he is a foodie.

Anthony Oseh


Anthony Oseh aka Mr Particular, is the friendly and humble residence manager of Pine House who goes about his job very particularly. He loves to meet new people, watch movies and engage in conversations.

Don’t mind his pressed shirts and trousers, and his matter-of-fact nature, he is usually very shy. Still, he has so much smile to go around.

Kola Matthew

Site Engineer

Adekola Matthew is SA8’s site engineer. He is very driven and focused individual who lives and breathes engineering. He is known for his optimistic It-can-be-done attitude towards handling SA8 projects. He is proactive, humble and yet firm.

Every time there is an event with Team SA8 present, you can be sure that he’s out there repping SA8 proudly.

Rosemary Anaba

Social Media Marketer

Rosemary Anaba is the social media marketer at SA8. She’s young, savvy, sensitive and can come off as very intense. But she is playful when she wants to be. Most importantly, she gets things done with so much enthusiasm. She’s very popular within the SA8 community.

When she’s not working, she is writing, eating, watching a movie or listening to music.

Student Accommod8 is a wholly owned and managed Nigerian company. Our focus is the DEVELOPMENT and OPERATION of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) with the intent to supply PBSAs to tertiary institutions within Nigeria and West Africa. Student Accommod8- the brand, was created to solve the problem of ‘LACK OF’ adequate student hostel accommodation in Nigeria.

Our student hostels have been strategically placed close to universities or within the university’s campus, each hostel comes equipped with all the necessary facilities every student needs to feel at home away from home. At Student Accommod8, we realise that there is ‘much to be done’ to close the huge gap between the number of students in tertiary institution in Nigeria and the availability of hostel accommodation which is why we have put on our SA8 Heroes cape on and we intend to reach our goal of providing 5,000 bed spaces within 5 years.

Our Student Accommod8 team is made up of talented individuals with experience from a wide range of industry sectors including Architecture, Real-estate Management & Development, Hospitality, Marketing and Facilities Management.

To develop and operate Purpose Built Student Accommodation that offers an affordable environment focused on providing a quality home and community experience for ALL STUDENTS to meet their academic potential

To become the leading Purpose-Built Student Accommodation developer and operator in Africa

At SA8, we believe in and are guided by these 8 values in our aspiration to be the home of campus living in Nigeria.

  • Communication - We care, we listen and we respond.
  • Innovation – We think outside the box and stay current.
  • Continuity - We don’t stop, we keep going.
  • Community – We create a sense of belonging and togetherness amongst our employees and residents.
  • Integrity – We act honestly, ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business.
  • Consistency – We are steadfast to our principles, cause, and vision.
  • Leadership – We have the guts to make the expected available.
  • Security – We are a home away from home.

To grow the SA8 brand to be the leading Developer and Operator of Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Nigeria with the aim to deliver top-quality functional residences across Nigeria. We aim to deliver 5,000 bed spaces over the next five years.

  • 2017
  • Our flagship ‘design & build’ development kicked off at Olabisi Onabanjo University. This development has birthed our distinct SA8 design which is made up of 4 residential blocks centred around a core that is home to Value Added Service facilities. The first phase of Sycamore House will be delivered in October 2017 and will be home to 384 students at the university.
  • 2017 (contd)
  • The SA8 head office relocated to its permanent site in Lekki Phase 1 in January and the team has seen the addition of three more professionals to support operations at head office.
  • 2016(Contd)
  • Maple House will service the students of Lagos State University and is located about 5 minutes’ walk from the gate of the school, while Sycamore House would service the students of Ogun State University (OSU or OOU) and it is located within the school premises.
  • 2016
  • We kicked off plans to build two Multi-Storey Student Hostel complexes that once completed will deliver more than 1500 beds in OOU and LASU.
  • 2016 (contd)
  • Our first year in operation has given us remarkable insight into the student hostel market and has taught us many lessons, it has afforded us the opportunity to grow and be better at our service delivery.
  • 2016
  • We delivered our proof of concept, “PINE HOUSE” hostel on Herbert Macaulay Road with 43 bed spaces. This project was a renovation of a pre-existing structure and was fully occupied within two months of completion.